Am I alone?

They say that travel teaches you about yourself, and I have learned this: it seems I may have an unusual approach to taking off a top that doesn’t have buttons (tee-shirt, singlet, similar). I do not cross my arms when I do so. Instead I use two hands to pull the top from the back over my head. Some limitations of this approach in heat and humidity have led to this revelation. But try as I like I can’t make the ‘normal’ way work.

I’m keen to know whether I am the only one who swims against this cross armed hegemony. Are there any others out there who do as I do? Please advise.

If not, I will be happy to be a minority of one. I am in good company: Martin Sheen Jed Bartlett also had a novel approach to the removal of garments.

12 thoughts on “Am I alone?

  1. I think I’m the same.

    Also, why cross out Martin Sheen? This is totally a Martin Sheen thing. It was because someone (Sorkin or Schlamme, I guess) saw Martin doing it that they decided it would be a Jed thing.

    1. I am glad I am not alone.

      And yea, it was a Martin Sheen thing, which I wanted to acknowledge. But I prefer to identify with Jed the character.

    1. Fiona is also concerned about the impact on clothes. I have seen no evidence of this and am unmoved.

  2. I can not honestly state for sure how I remove such garments. I can picture myself wearing a t-shirt, and then not wearing the t-shirt, but I can’t really describe what happens in between.

    However, I think maybe I do the same thing, since I can’t really picture how arm-crossing would be involved in the process.

  3. I do the crossed arm thing, but Barrie doesn’t, and is amazed, now that it has come to his notice, that anybody does!

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