It was a year ago to the today that we left Wellington, and now we’re back.

Our first ever blog post talked of our departure card, and the questions on it that we couldn’t answer with any certainty.

We guessed Colombia was the country where we’d spend the most time. And on that front we were right.

We guessed we’d be gone for two years – a kind of halfway between the scenario of a year’s travel and a year’s travel plus a couple of years working overseas. Our arrival card shows we were officially away from New Zealand for eleven months and twenty four days, but also that we’re leaving again in one month and three days. The official purpose of our return is visiting, not living.


My arrival card also shows my high level of exhaustion, and related poor reading comprehension, when I said the last place I had lived for twelve months was non-applicable. Actually it was New Zealand, but that was twelve months ago. It just seems an awful lot longer than that.

This isn’t the end of this blog. There’s a good couple of weeks worth of posts about Japan and Spain to fill in, posts about pictures and separatist movements and my ongoing fear of sushi. The blog may even have a life after that.

But for now I wanted to confirm that we are home safe, enjoying the sunshine and looking forward to Christmas with our families.

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