Art project

We find ourselves reaching into primary school memories of our own for many ideas. For example, Heads Down, Thumbs Up, Hands on Heads (manos en la cabeza!) and, a recent addition to our sports day staples, Candlesticks. Anyone else remember this one and how it works? The only thing I can’t recall is how we decided who was ‘it’ to start.

Once a week the kids do art. It’s about the easiest period to fill with our own primary school nostalgia. Today’s project came from Fiona’s store of childhood memories. The kids coloured paper with multi coloured crayons. They had to work hard to make sure there were no white spaces.


Then they coloured over the colours with black, again avoiding white space. Then they could draw pictures by scraping off the black crayon, revealing colours below. We gave them each a coin to facilitate scraping. Fifty pesos, the lowest denomination, is about three New Zealand cents, but probably still good enough to buy a candy or two. The kids were very pleased, but pleasingly, not that distracted from the task at hand.

Probably the most successful result is proudly shown below.


This art project is significantly easier to explain on this blog than it was in my Spanish lesson. However my Spanish teacher did, eventually, conclude it was muy chevere (very cool).

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