Bucket shower strategy

We haven’t showered regularly for over a month. That’s if by ‘shower’ you mean bathe with an apparatus we would describe as a shower at home. Instead we use a bucket shower in our homestay. See below.


This is a bucket shower. Basically a larger bucket of water, with a smaller bucket to facilitate sloshing. We’ve become accustomed to this method and therefore offer the following strategic suggestions.

  1. First, remember this truth: anywhere else in Colombia, you might still be showering but the water would still be cold. So washing would still be a utilitarian cleanliness affair. No luxuriating is being missed. In this context, it’s not so bad.
  2. Begin with a large bucket of water over the head. This is like as diving under the wave before you ever paddled. But you quickly feel as acclimatised to the water thereafter. It’s also good for awakening before getting out the door to class.
  3. You needn’t do it all by tipping. Splashing water from the small bucket on to you is always an option, especially for more targeting cleaning or removing of hair care products.
  4. Use hair care products sparingly. And just call them shampoo, honestly…
  5. Always run the water into the bucket when you shower so a full bucket awaits the next user. That’s just common courtesy.

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