Can you do us a favour?

We’re feeling a little jaded about travel. It’s about five months since we left Santa Marta, and nearly eight since we left New Zealand. We know rationally that we’re doing something amazing, but we’re just feeling a bit road worn at the moment.

In a effort to pump ourselves up for our next exciting journeys we’re reminding ourselves how privledged we are to have the opportunity to travel. That’s meant looking through some old photos and blog posts.

If there’s anything you’ve read or seen here over the past few months that has just made you go “wow, that was cool…” we’d love to hear about it.

28 thoughts on “Can you do us a favour?

  1. I’ve loved all your stories! Every post reminds me how vast the world is, and how everyone’s lives are equally interesting and important. I most recently loved your stories from staying with your friends’ family in Kazakhstan. The awesome hilarity of simple cultural differences! Missing you guys

  2. Meeting you guys in China was a real highlight for me and listening to how deeply you immerse yourself in learning the intricacies about where you are is really admirable. Plus, you can never learn as much about a place from home as you can while you are there. Even though that road torn feeling can be strong – the warmth, ease and comfort of being back home is only short lived. Enjoy it! :)

  3. Have loved every post! Love the balance between hilarious anecdotes, personal stories and that I learn something new with each one! I’m a shocker for reading and not commenting but have thoroughly enjoyed the vicarious trip thus far xx

  4. I keep going back to watch the condors. I wondered if you would see them during your travels in South America. Not only did you see them, but they were soaring in their natural habitat and you sent us a video so we could share the experience. Thanks.

  5. Hi guys,
    I don’t comment or ‘like’ often because life is busy … but your posts keep you both in my thoughtsoften, and I’m always so interested to hear what you’re up to. Love the photos , specially when you guys are in them … and love the maps :) Keep them coming. Even if the backgrounds are wildly exotic, there you are – not really so far away. Maybe treat yourselves to staying somewhere flash? x

  6. The nerd in me loves your policy wonk digests. But it would be fair to say that the entire enterprise is hugely satisfying for a vicarious traveller. You have a curious and excellent style, all at once meticulous, humorous and visceral, which seems to intersect really nicely both with your enthusiasm for scratching beneath the surface of your destinations and their people, and conveniently with my own interests.

    It’s an awesome trip and it must be exhausting, but like a bunch of other people following along I’m really grateful you’re taking the time to share it in such detail.

    Happy travels!

  7. I really enjoy your insight into the cultural influences on markets. You both have such a talent for observation and your blog is definitely one of the most read among the hundreds on my feedly.

  8. A big thanks to you two for hours of entertainment. It’s darn right difficult to even send emails back home regularly when your traveling, let alone blog regularly. Stop and give yourselves a pat on the back! You deserve it and we appreciate it xoxo

  9. Joe,
    What you are doing is pretty incredible and the fact that you have kept us informed via this blog is unbelievable. Living vicariously through your stories has been great.
    Personally I have a wedding coming up and a mortgage to pay, but I would love to be following your trail around the world!
    I totally understand the feeling though, travel can be exhausting – and you end up longing for a little stability. Take a couple of days of rest to reflect on what you have seen.

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