Can’t make round chapatis


What kind of family will want a daughter in law who can running around kicking football all day but can’t make round chapatis?

Mrs Bhamra, Bend it like Beckham

My family, evidently. For while running around kicking football would not be considered one of her key skills, Fiona is certainly superior at this (and many other things) to chapati making.

Chapatis are an unleavened bread that are eaten at basically every meal here, often to the exclusion of rice. Their only ingredients are flour and water and they are cooked over a fire. First they need to be rolled out, which is where the round bit comes in. Fiona got the chance to have a go when we stayed at a hut in a remote valley and were making chapatis and goat curry for dinner. Her chapati was too thick, had holes and was irregularly shaped. This despite the fact that she took at least three times as long as the main cook. More practice required.

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