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Hola Hong Kong

  • There’s still something magical about air travel. We’ve gotten accustomed to overnight buses and, to be honest, travel on Air Canada felt pretty similar. Except that it involved picking us up in one continent and depositing us in two completely different ones in the space of twenty four hours. Magic. Good job humans.
  • The travel did, however, leave Fiona disoriented enough to earnestly ask for to a ticket to “Octopus station” at the airport train booth.
  • Despite being geographically about the closest we expect to get to New Zealand all year, Hong Kong feels like the most foreign city we have been to so far. Excellent. A good segue into China.
  • I’m fighting an overwhelming urge to try and speak Spanish to anyone who looks like they don’t speak English. This wasn’t helped when our restaurant server’s only word to us was “order, order” which, in his accent, sounded to me a lot like “hola, hola.”
  • Our dinner tonight, a simple noodle soup, was pretty good. But I wonder whether getting accustomed to the local cuisine also obliges us to pick up local table manners. If so, I need to get back into eating with mouth open, and also to develop an efficient noodle/chopstick/spoon shoveling motion.
  • In honour of current constitutional wranglings I have made a new category for this post – Hong Kong – but also created a parent category for it – China. More on all this later.

Switch off all electronic devices

When you read this we will probably be in the air, because that’s where we will be for most of the next thirty six hours. Our time in South America is over and we’re heading to our first Asian port: Hong Kong.

We’re flying Air Canada routing Buenos Aires-Santiago-Toronto-Hong Kong. At twenty eight hours in the air it’s about 20% longer than a great circle route, and we actually go in the geographically nonsensical direction. But the flight was cheap and that’s how we roll.