Charging ahead: we should have these at home


On the streets of Trabzon you can put a little money in a machine and give your mobile a quick charge. In this world of smartphone that gobble up battery life all too fast, and when a dead battery significantly diminishes your enjoyment of your commute, I say these machines are an excellent development. We should have them at home. In train stations, cafes, at bus stops…

If someone could figure out an easy way to allow you to lock your phone to the machine for the duration of the charging (so you could go about your business while it charged) that would be excellent. Kthanksbye.

3 thoughts on “Charging ahead: we should have these at home

  1. Be a bit careful with them – apparently they can be malicious and it’s not too hard to install anything they want on your phone if it’s physically plugged in.

    Also, really enjoying the blog – you arrived in Turkey just as we left, so you’re letting me continue travelling vicariously!

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