This is a Chincorro. It’s a kind of hammock produced by the Wayuu. But it’s no ordinary hammock. It incorporates extra long sides that flop over the hammock edge when not in use and can be used as a blanket when the night gets cooler. They’re rented out at a premium, as much as 50% more than the price of a normal hammock (maybe $3NZD more). But they’re totally worth it.

We were both really taken with Chinchorros. We investigated purchasing one to keep and send home and even briefly considered a fair trade import business. My focus was determining an appropriate name. I settled on The Hammock District.

Sadly, they’re actually kind of expensive. An entry level Chinchorro will set you back about 400,000 Colombian pesos, or about $230NZD. This makes more sense when you see the Wayuu women crafting things. Very. Slowly. Apparently a Chinchorro takes a month’s work.

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