Date night, and other great travel surprises in Iran


  • With the weekend falling Thursday/Friday here, Thursday night is like our Saturday night. Well at least in the sense of holy day eve, if not occasion for drunken rampage. Shopkeepers put out bowls of delicious fresh dates on little tables by the pavement . They’re for any passerby to enjoy as they choose; a contribution to their community. One I ate was so sweet it tasted like it’d just been removed from a sticky pudding.
  • Not only can you drink the water from the tap in Iran, there are taps in public spaces that offer chilled drinking water to anyone who might be passing by. In the heat of the day they’re a godsend.
  • Public toilets are also common, free and (mostly) tolerable. They tend to be in the 3 out of five points range. One point for each of: running water, soap, toilet paper, western style, cleanliness.
  • People are quick to offer to help here, when they see you pondering your next turn, hunched over a map. Many will go beyond just giving you instructions and will walk you to your chosen destination.
  • I bought an Iranian sim card at the airport for about five bucks. It came with 1gb of data and a so far inexhaustible amount of calling.
  • Yesterday was ‘tourist day’ which apparently happens once a year. Our hotel lavished discounts on us as a result. Bonus.

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