Departure form

This form asks important question but, for a trip like ours, they are all hard to answer. Fiona tells me it is important to answer anyway, because the form is an important source of data for policymakers. So this is best estimate. But actually, I don’t know how long we will be away for, only know that Colombia is where we will spend the most time of the places we have planned for to date, and, while we will be beginning on holiday, we may also end up working.

Fiona also says my indication of profession as ‘Consultant’ is too vague to be useful for statistical purposes. So be it. I could now also say profession non-applicable.

One thought on “Departure

  1. as I said, Joe, you two are UNEMPLOYED…..great start to your blog- will now have to factor time for reading this in to my busy day….

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