Double (bed) dipping

Arriving in Cuenca tonight we looked for accommodation. The first place with space had a lovely room – the nicest we’ve seen all travels, balcony and all – and quoted us $15USD. This seemed like a total bargain. We were chuffed and about to unpack when the hotel owner came back and offhandedly mentioned that was the price per person. To be fair, $30USD was probably a reasonable price for the room. But we were still disappointed. We’re even more disappointed that our couple advantage from Colombia doesn’t really seem to have stretched to Ecuador.

In Colombia we commonly paid less for a private double room than two individuals would have paid to stay in a dorm. This was very gratifying. I mean, we both vehemently oppose income splitting as a policy, but it’s nice to get a couple perk every now and again.

In Ecuador private rooms are often, though not always, priced per person. This leads to some confusion, as in tonight, but also means Ecuador is a comparatively more economical place to travel if you’re by yourself.

Neither situation quite seems to make sense. The advantage we got in Colombia was probably too high. But we don’t think we should be paying twice what one person would pay to stay in the same room. There’s a mix of costs that are associated with the space and some with the occupancy. Maybe hoteliers could learn from our approach when couples replaced singles in rooms in our flats: they paid 1.5 times what a single would. Perhaps some wisdom can be found in the spate of rent splitting articles I’ve seen floating around facebook recently.

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