Eight Dubai surprises

  • The city isn’t big. There are only two million people here and many of them are concentrated in quite a small area.
  • Nobody walks anywhere. That’s partly because it is super hot but also because the city is built for cars. If you don’t have your own car you take a lot of taxis.
  • It isn’t always hot, though. There’s a winter season where average highs are mid teens and at night it gets down below five degrees.
  • There isn’t a discernible Dubai cuisine. The choices are a lot like what you’d get in a big American city, with the offerings of kebabs and other Middle Eastern food slightly pumped up.
  • Coins don’t have numbers on them, and notes only on one side. Or they probably do have numbers on them, but they’re written in another script. Which is odd because I thought we used Arabic numbers.
  • Labour is so cheap that almost anything is available with free delivery. Want a bottle of milk? Call the convenience store. Need your shirts ironed? Someone nearby will come and pick them up.
  • The Emiratis wear traditional clothing almost exclusively. Long white robes for men. Long black robes and head scarf for women. But they still seem to have a lot of reason to browse and buy from expensive fashion brands in the massive malls.
  • There’s only one ski field and one ice skating rink. So poor.

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