Entertaining English China style

Our Mandarin is not really getting a whole lot better. But our understanding of the kind of English used in China has grown markedly. For example: We might say that our time in Guangxi province was a little frustrating because of all the rain. If we put that in Chinese English it might go something like this:

Province of the Falling skies shroud Scenic spot. Danger Activity!

We’ve made a small collection of especially endearing of entertaining English ‘translations’. I imagine we will share more as our trip goes on.


We applaud this ashtray’s anti-smoking message.


The beauty spot really is a downer, what with it going around prohibiting everything and all.


Our rubbish bin was pretty forward.


I think we all share in this salute, especially if it means less spitting.


This was an advertisement for a gynecology and obstetrics clinic in Kunimng. Good to see some honesty about the value of their hospital. Personalised service also a pleasant surprise for a hospital. And there’s nothing feria!


The range of English slogans on tee shirts is amazing, though most are nonsensical. This one however, pays tribute to a Taylor Swift lyric. The wearer will also be wearing a tee shirt. Meta.

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