Fast food development: Hong Kong

Our project to assess country by fast food development moves to Asia and the first categorisation is a slam dunk. Hong Kong is a stage four: Western fast food is ubiquitous and amongst the cheapest meal you can buy.

We’ve talked about the second cuisines that countries have. In Hong Kong, the second cuisine could be Thai, or it could be McDonalds. Not even really Western, just McDonalds. They’re everywhere and pretty much to the exclusion of other Western fast food. At .257 McDonalds per 10,000 people, Hong Kong even ranks in the top ten most McDonalds per capita in the world, higher than the United Kingdom, Germany and France. New Zealand ranks too, it’s second only to the United States.

A bowl of noodle soup here from a hole in the wall is pretty cheap here, and Western food generally isn’t. So we wondered if, even though McDonalds is ubiquitous, it might be too expensive to be a stage four. But, no. You can get a combo for about three New Zealand dollars here. That’s super cheap and on par with the more traditional cuisine hawked in markets.

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