Fast food development: Peru


Tell me this isn’t the fanciest K-fry you’ve ever seen. That’s what makes the Peruvian installment of our fast food development categorisation such a slam dunk.

We’ve seen no Western fast food outside city and tourist centres, and when it is there it is super flash. The above example is from Cusco’s main square. We saw similar in Arequipa and Lima. None we’ve seen have had conventional branding.

On the pricing front, Fiona’s Starbucks latte this afternoon cost twice the price of her two course set menu lunch (but it is her birthday week, after all).

The conclusion is simple – Peru joins Colombia and Ecuador as a stage 2: Western fast food is available in major cities (or tourist traps) but is prohibitively expensive for all but the richest.

Here’s hoping Bolivia or Argentina can mix it up a bit for us.

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