Fifty thousand views

We’ve hit a big blog views milestone. There have been 50,000 hits since we set things up in the departure lounge of Auckland airport ten and a bit months ago. When we did, we thought our readership might mainly be our mums. The interest fro far and wide has really exceeded our expectations.

Thank you to all the loyal readers out there. Your interest, comments and compliments have spurred me to write, and keep writing, far more consistently than in any travel diary. It will be a great record for us when our journey eventually ends. And hopefully it has given you some insight into what what we’re doing, and why, along the way.

To celebrate, I though I’d share some of the more unusual ways that visitors have arrived at our blog, courtesy of some unexpected search terms:

  • ‘Iranian porn’ has been popular recently, after I wrote of our wrangling on Western morality with a Yazdi hotel owner. I dare say whomever searched for ‘iranian lamb porn’ would have been very disappointed with what they found. More on the porn there… searches for ‘fagrant adulter porn’ get you here.
  • ‘Devil worshipers who are dangereous but undergroud (sic)’ is another favourite of mine. It’s this piece on the lot of Bolivian silver miners, and occasional devil worshipers that bring them here. Sadly it is the mining, rather than the devil worshiping, that we thought was dangerous.
  • Evidently there is little evidence of ‘hong kong women cardboard eating’. That search gets you to our post about the ‘cardboard city’ that Filipino and Indonesian domestic workers build in Hong Kong each Sunday, to more comfortably enjoy their day of rest.
  • I am glad to have contributed to the global literature on sloth devotion. Search for ‘do sloths kill people’ or ‘sloth bandwagon’ and you might end up here.
  • Personally I feel there should have been more than one searcher for ‘south American plumbing’ given how enlightening my treatise on why you can’t flush toilet paper in Latin America. But whatever.
  • And then, surprisingly, the most common search term, is for what I consider to be a vastly under searched for fruit: the humble lulo, king of Colombia’s tasty tropical offerings.

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