First world traveler problem #638

Fiona won’t let me buy my body weight in watermelon. It would only cost $15NZD – watermelon is that astoundingly cheap here – and I think it would be oddly satisfying.

Fiona wants to know what I would do with the watermelon. She thinks it would embarrassing to buy the stuff, enjoy its company and then give it back to the vendor. I admit it would be difficult to explain with hand gestures and very limited Chinese.

So I propose that we could move the watermelon to another spot by taxi. Fiona is unmoved. She wants to know what we would do with it then. I should like to give away big slices. Kind of like buying the world a coke. Problem is, there’s a good chance that everyone in this town already owns their body weight in watermelon. There are stacks of them everywhere.

7 thoughts on “First world traveler problem #638

  1. You’re not thinking outside the box enough Joe. Surely the answer is to reduce your body weight until the size of watermelon required is more manageable.

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