Friday afternoon quizes: Colombia

After a surprising amount of interest from folk wanting to know whether they are smarter than a Pakistani eleven year old I have resolved to make quizzes a regular feature of this blog.

Each Friday afternoon, inshallah, I will post a quiz with ten questions about a country we have visited, starting at the beginning of our travels. By my rough calculations, by the end of the year the quizzes should have just about caught up with our travels.

Many if not all of the quiz answers will be found on this blog. But to avoid you all googling your way to glory I have set a time limit for the amount of time you can spend taking the quiz.

Round one: Colombia


A Paisa is a Colombian who comes from:

What would a Colombian call a feijoa?

The former Colombian President largely credited with the country’s newfound security is:

Which sentence best explains the False Positives scandal that happened on that President’s watch?

What is the furthest that Colombia has progressed in the football world cup?

What is an arepa?

Is Colombia:

Boterro's artwork is famous for:

Every year Carnaval is separated on the coast...

In Spanish Turkeys say...

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