Who can tell me what infuriates me about this travel agent’s advertising?


11 thoughts on “Unacceptable

  1. I have three theories…
    1. The advertising unfairly represents two airlines as inferior, by not showing their planes actually flying…
    2. Star Peru is unfairly disadvantaged by the fact that it looks like a medical aircraft, therefore creating subconscious associations of it with medical treatment.
    3. None of these airlines actually fly the Cusco Lima route (I checked the airport codes, so hopefully haven’t discounted the obvious through faulty information)

  2. Good theories, but not what I was looking for. Also, Lan, Peruvian, Star Peru and Avianca do all fly the Lima to Cusco route.

    It’s probable you need to be more of a plane geek to understand my frustration.

      1. Nope. That wouldn’t cause me to be angry with the travel agent. So stoked at how in to this people are getting. I should provide more airline related riddles.

  3. They photoshopped the planes to look slimmer (or fatter if that’s the standard of beauty de jour for aircraft) ?

  4. Because the Avianca flight from Lima to Cusco is a codeshare with TACA, so the picture should be of a TACA Embraer?

    1. Nope that’s not it either. Though you are on the right track looking at the Avianca aircraft.

      1. Or is it that the Avianca plane is an A380 which Avianca doesn’t even have in its fleet, and is too big to fly into Cusco?

        1. Yes! We have a winner. I’m not worried about the fact that an A380 couldn’t get into Cusco. But advertising an airline with an aircraft that they don’t own, and haven’t ordered is ridiculous.

        2. Ah! I was sitting here wondering why I couldn’t figure out what plane that was in the Avianca fleet… none of their current fleet seemed to have an upper deck.

          The more I fly, the more planes interest me – though I haven’t yet been in an Embraer, Joe!

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