Hong Kong gets its protest on

Amid ongoing fears about Chinese intervention in Hong Kong’s constitution Hong Kongers have come out in their hundreds of thousands to protest. They’re asking for universal and genuine democracy when electing their Chief Executive, and they’re not worried about mainland China’s intention of vetting candidates to see if they “Love Hong Kong, Love China”.

It sure helps to be incredibly densely populated when you want to organise a protest, but this one is incredibly impressive. Sad to have missed it.

This exceptional time lapse video shows the corralling of the protestors who marched peacefully through Hong Kong’s financial centre and then staged a sit in protest. It says something about Hong Kong that the protestors were so well organised. The photography shows the enormity of the march and the dedication of Hong Kongers to turn out rain or shine.

There were a couple of hundred arrests for blocking a road, but overall the demonstration was peaceful. God knows what would have happened if the protest had been staged in China.

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