I love Chinese food

Returning from the stans we were looking forward to Chinese food. It wasn’t easy to find in Kashgar, a city that is not really Chinese, but when we did it was just as we remembered: fresh, flavorful, varied.

I had thought of writing an ode to Chinese food until I remembered that someone already had. The author of Rebecca Black’s cult classic Friday also penned this similarly atrocious number entitled Chinese Food. Watch in particular for the tweenage singer getting hangry and pushing stuff over, and the rapping panda bear. You’ll never forget this tune. Happy Friday.


4 thoughts on “I love Chinese food

  1. 3 minutes and 27 seconds of my life I’m not going to get back. Joe, you owe me! Actually, I think the flight booking tips, and general awesomeness of all the posts more than make up for one terrible, terrible one.

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