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Newspapers in Colombia appear to fall in to two categories: the serious ones that report on a range of topics including politics and monetary policy, and the much more prevalent tabloid-type ones which almost exclusively report, in a particularly salacious fashion, on violent crime.

El Tiempo is an example of the former. Today’s articles include:

  • The scandal of a mafia chief receiving home detention because of his role as head of the family
  • The prevalence of land slips in 61 municipalities on the Caribbean coast
  • The rise in bands of youth terrorising school kids in the Bogota region and compelling them to join their gangs
  • A fire in a prison in Baranquilla that killed 10 and left 46 injured
  • A summit of Celac – the community of Latin American and Caribbean states – in Havana where the leaders declared the region to be one of peace and open for investment.
  • A UNESCO report that about 435,000 Colombian kids don’t go to school, up 112% from five years ago and now at a level comparable to Eritrea and Liberia.

Aja y Que is an example of the tabloids. A local Santa Marta rag, it’s commonly sold to motorists, including bus and taxi drivers, at street corners. Today’s articles include:

  • The murder of a farmer out of Santa Marta, complete with graphic pictures of his decomposing body and face
  • The arrest of a man who was about to be lynched by the community for sex acts against a four year old girl
  • 60 violent deaths in the month of January in the region of Magdalena (the state we’re in).

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