Into the unkown

Today we’re crossing from China into Pakistan. At 4,700 metres the Karakoram highway will take us over the highest border crossing in the world.

Normally we love our Lonely Planets. But Lonely Planet’s Pakistan and Karakoram guides are out of print. Our next port of call tends to be wikitravel. But here’s the kind of information we’ve found there:

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 7.04.00 PM

Sost is the first town over the Pakistani border. We’ve no real idea what we’ll find there. Maybe we can fill in the wikitravel afterwards. But we know from reading other travelers accounts that the scenery is amazing and the people are warm and welcoming. For anyone who is worrying we also know that Pakistan’s northern most regions have historically been among its most peaceful and are considered by many to be its safest today.

One thing we are confident of is that there is unlikely to be much reliable internet. So blogging will be light and or non-existant for the next ten days or so. Wish us luck.

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