Kissing fish

The sign said there were five reasons to submerge your feet into a tank of fish that would nibble at them. Then it listed four.


The first was that your feet would become smoother because the fishes would bite off all the excess ‘cuticle’. That was kind of true. After about twenty minutes of being molested by several dozen ‘kissing fish’ our feet did indeed feel smoother.

Second, they said, it’ll feel like a massage. Actually what it felt like was extremely tickly. Those little fellas sure know how to wriggle. I actually had to consciously take deep breaths to stop from squirming. It took about ten minutes to get used  to the sensation and only then was I prepared to uncurl my toes.

Third was something about the fish killing microscopic bacteria, probably like avian flu or something. Alas I have no way to comment on this. So we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say we’re now Ebola free. Well, at least our feet are.

Fourth, claimed the signage, the experience would give you inner peace and joy. That was a lie. See extremely tickly above.

Overall pretty entertaining though. Would try again (maybe). Also left me wondering whether there’s any other more important grooming issues we could get fish to tend to. Nail cutting? Shaving?

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