Llama got big

Llama is big now

Do you remember our adorable Colombian kitten Llama? When Fiona rescued him from starvation and scary dogs he was tiny. Small enough to curl up in the crook of her neck.

When we left our host family in Santa Marta we left Llama with the daughter of one of the school teachers. She kindly sent through this photo because we thought we might like to see his progress. Our thoughts:

  • Golly he’s grown. Suddenly a real looking cat.
  • His eyes look a bit funny in this photo, and he still hasn’t properly grown into his ears, but overall he is very handsome.
  • Look at the excellent tiger-like markings on his back and rump!

The photo was also a reminder of just how much time has passed since we left the kids of Mariposas. On one level it has only been a little more than six months. But just like six months must seem a long time to a growing kitten as he transitions into being a cat, the diversity of experience we’ve had across South America, Asia and the Middle East makes our time seem very long. Especially if you think back to the detail of one destination or another.

We keep in touch with Mariposas, and understand it has been trucking along okay. Not without some challenges, mind. New legislation had the unexpected consequence of requiring volunteers to come with pre-arranges visas, which is costly and cumbersome. And the city of Santa Marta spent months without piped water. Organisations are not easy things to run in the developing world, with challenges like these.

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