Llama, stop with the llamando

In what has become a delightful but unexpected trend in of our time in Colombia we have gotten acquainted with another kitten.


Fiona found this little guy while walking to school this morning. He was having a stand off with a dog. The dog was big and mean but kitten managed to hold off its advances with hissing. Kitten’s mum was nowhere to be seen. And he was looking very skinny. So she brought him home.

We’ve called kitten Llama. Llama, pronounced yah-ma, means flame. We figure for such a scrawny wee thing who has to fight to get big and healthy, a fierce name is important. As an added bonus the verb llamar means to call, and Llama is very good at calling indeed. At the moment we count it as a major victory when he settles down for a nap, drinks water or milk or eats some egg. At none of those times is he calling to us.

Our best googling of tests to do suggests Llama is probably about six weeks old. Kittens normally stay with their mums for twelve. But our googling has so far revealed little useful advice for taking care of orphaned kittens in the developing world. We don’t think Colombian police would take kindly to the suggestion we leave Llama with then. So, any first hand experience would be gratefully received. We’ll take care for Llama for a little while and find a family for him to live with before we leave Santa Marta.

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