Llama’s learning


In one week of our care Llama has made great progress. He’s still very small, as you can see, but he’s more comfortable in his own skin. Each step is less shaky. And he’s becoming more playful and curious. He’s also becoming a connoisseur of different foods. He likes leftover chicken and tuna fine, but whiskers gatito food is the best, thank you very much. Cat biscuits are acceptable if mushed because he’s still transitioning from sucking to chewing.

Of course there are still things to learn:

  • You do not have to be in your food, to be able to eat your food (see below).
  • How to get on the bed himself. He’s done this once but we don’t know how and he shows no sign of repeating the feat.
  • It’s okay to bite when you’re a kitten with tiny ineffectual teeth, but there will come a time when it is not okay.
  • When the door to the room opens, you could possibly go out of it and explore the big wide world. At the moment Llama’s whole universe is our bedroom and his day is punctuated only by our return from school and visits from the grandchildren.
  • Running about the bed chasing hands under sheets is excellent but pouncing is a key skill which must be acquired and practised to be a credible kitten. Fiona has promised to demonstrate.



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