Low hanging fruit

We’re taking a break in Tamga, a town too small to have a Wikipedia entry. It’s on a big lake in Eastern Krygyzstan.

There are stone fruit trees everywhere. We walk down the dusty streets sampling one apricot after another. Today we discovered there are cherries too, but few within our easy reach. The fruit is so plentiful that:

  • there’s none in the local stores, which makes us feel better about standing on tip toes to pinch over fences
  • occasionally the breeze has the sweet scent of an imaginary outdoor jam factory
  • the birds have too much to choose from to make any observable impact on the things we want to eat

All this leads me to an important management consulting question. If you talk of ‘low hanging fruit’ to describe the quick wins you can easily pick off to show progress for a client, then what are the fruits that have already dropped from the tree and are now rotting in the grass?

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