Misadventures in traveler


Wanting to be like the other hipster / cool kid travelers Fiona took great pleasure in getting a long strand of her hair braided. This involved tying tiny knots of different colours of string into the braid and attaching several shells. Tres chic. It looked cool and was an entertaining experience. Joe was luke warm given his belief that hair should primarily be soft but, to be fair, was not actively discouraging.

Fiona’s hatred of the braid grew to have the heat of a nova. The braid itched. It batted around in the night. It put pressure on the hair it was hanging from causing redness and soreness. It hurt.

It was late at night when Fiona decided she couldn’t take it any longer. “It’s coming out” she said, jumping to switch on the light and grab the scissors. She could have quoted MacBeth. She could cut off the part that was braided without hair, but you don’t want to cut the bit with hair for fear of leaving a small bald patch, or unbecoming stubble. So, it had to be un-knotted bit by bit. This was time consuming and sleep eventually took over.

Luckily we have access to a small troupe of children. They have small hands (h/t Lockwood Smith). Very useful. And one, shown below, displayed an uncommon amount of concentration unpicking the braid before school this morning. Fiona felt liberated.


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