Most beautiful girl on the street (depending on the street)


One factor contributing to Fiona’s status as most beautiful girl on the street in Pakistan is that she’s often the only girl on the street. Women are a tiny minority everywhere we go. They’re not working in shops. They’re not waiting tables. They’re not browsing the bazaar for the best pomegranate. All of these activities are the domain of men. Women are responsible for a narrowly defined domestic sphere within the house: cook, clean, raise children.

Fiona is also the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen with a kebab. Barbequed meat is a big thing in restaurants: beef, chicken, minced meat. They’re delicious. But, again, their consumption is not an experience enjoyed by women. We’ve seen one woman in a restaurant so far and she was in the curtained off area marked “family cabin” with her husband and kids.

P.S. this post contains a range of references to a Flight of the Conchords song that I can’t link to because Pakistan bans youtube. Boo.

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