Pomegranates as a job hunting aid


There are a lot of pomegranates in this part of the world. In Iran they are among the most common fruit. Before tomatoes came from the New World they were a mainstay of Iranian cuisine. One traditional dish still sees them smashed up with walnuts and served over chicken and rice. In Turkey and Pakistan they’re a little less common in the shops and markets, but they’re the kind of thing you might grow in your garden, like feijoas at home.

And they’re pretty excellent eaten straight from the tree. The small seeds taste something like a mandarin, though maybe I’m just inferring that because pealing them is a little like eating a mandarin too. Maybe green apple is a better analogy. Certainly they’re sweet and tart and fresh.

Pomegranates are also good for memory, at least so the story (and complimentary and alternative based medical community) goes. They might even be good for Alzheimer’s sufferers.

Only a year out of the workforce our memories of what we were doing and how we did it are still fairly fresh. But even we could probably use a little pomegranate to stimulate recollection of the more minor details that you might like to throw around in a cover letter or interview for colour.

The bigger point is that we have developed a serious sympathy for people trying to come back into the workforce after a longer break, like parents returning after years at home with kids, or the long term unemployed. It must be a tough process to get re-energised, and to re-engage memories about what you did when you last earned a crust. We offer a metaphorical glass of pomegranate juice to wish them well.

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