Pigging on guinea pig


Cuy – guinea pigs – are eaten here as a delicacy. A medium sized cuy will set you back $20USD, about the same price as eight set meal dinners, so they tend to be sold on special occasions only. They were roasting them for the festival of the Virgin yesterday.

They’re roasted and eaten whole. Apparently getting the meat off is a bit of a challenge. You’re supposed to break off a claw to fish it out of the small skeleton.

I’m not sure I’m game to try, and the price tag makes a convenient excuse not to. Fiona, quite reasonably, says that they’re not so different from the ubiquitous rotisserie chicken here. That’s sort of true. But cuy do have heads and beedy little eyes.

Some people say they taste like chicken. I readily admit that chicken is delicious. But if they taste the same then I don’t really see what all the fuss is about. Why not just have some chicken?

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