One thing we hadn’t really counted on was how little the littlest little ones we would teach would be. The school has a handful 3, 4 and 5 year olds. Some of them really are a hadnful individually. They need to learn, well, basically everything. Here’s Fiona helping them identify where eyes, noses and mouths go on faces.


Fiona has taken on a role coordinating volunteers which means working with the two local staff to make sure things are well structured. She’s been working on the syllabus for the preschoolers which includes all sorts of things we had forgotten we ever had to learn like:

  • Holding a pen correctly, drawing a straight line and then an angled line on a page (as a precursor to handwriting)
  • Identifying groups that have lots of things, and groups that have few (as a precursor to counting)
  • Colouring within a box (part an ongoing crusade to have directions followed)

Picture books, including the ones we brought specially with us, are a big hit. We’re drip feeding the new ones in over the few months we are here. See Fiona making the most of a story about mothers in the video below.

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  1. love this…do you tell stories without pictures too? I bet you guys are doing a great job – they won’t want you to ever go!

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