So so sub-continent

There are a bunch of things in Pakistan that strongly remind us of our other travels in the sub-continent, to Indian, Nepal, Bangladesh and the Maldives. South Asia certainly isn’t unified politically, it is by quirks like these:

  • Use of the terms “daughter” and “sister” to refer to strangers: “daughter, daughter, you come look at my shop!”
  • The currency of the term “love marriage”
  • Children with darkened, dirty faces who tug at your sleeves asking for money in perfectly serviceable English
  • Male friends walking down the street holding hands
  • People who say “why not” for yes, “not possible” for no and “possible” for good old fashioned ambiguity
  • That funny kind of head waggling that either means yes or no, but you can never really tell
  • Men with beards and hair coloured ridiculous shades of red and orange with henna

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