Some pizza with your cheese?

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Buenos Aires surely ranks with Rome, Naples, New York and Chicago as one of the great pizza cities of the world.

The pizza here has a distinct style all of its own. The base is thick and doughy and there is a copious amount of cheese. At the pizza by the slice place we visited for lunch today the cheesiest was in the hottest demand. When a fresh pizza was slapped down on the counter for slicing it wiggled and oozed like jelly. It was that covered in cheese.

The ingredients tend towards simple: ham, olives, and peppers. There’s also a special style that has bundles of sliced onions piled on called fugazza.

It isn’t a quite a match with our tastes, but it is very tasty. It’s also cheap and filling. We can see why people crowd for a slice or two at lunchtime. There’s even individual tables to facilitate quick eating for one.

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