Stuff still sucks in Venezuela

We’ve no idea what might be being reported elsewhere, but we’ve an ongoing interest in what’s happening in Venezuela and have been following through Colombian and Western media. Basically it still sucks:

  • There are protests almost daily. BBC says the smell of tear gas and burning tires are a daily feature of life in Caracas.
  • The official death toll has risen from three, when we were three three weeks ago, to twenty five. The last three of those were in a protest just today.
  • Recently doctors and nurses staged their own protest. The government’s control on foreign currency meant they can no longer access medical supplies that need to be brought with USD.

There’s no obvious light at the end of the tunnel and our prediction remains that things will get worse before they get better.

We discourage other travelers from going to Venezuela now. It was edgy when we were there, and it’s worse now. Plus we probably enjoyed the political and economic dimension more than your average backpacker. We also worry for tourists who go without careful consultation, or really checking out the situation. There was lone traveler on our bus in, for example, who thought Venezuela would be just as his Lonely Planet, published years ago, advertised. We wonder how he enjoyed the two weeks he had planned.

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