Ten reasons you should now be supporting Colombia in the world cup

One: They’re fun, flamboyant and tricksy, just look at the first goal featured on this video – it’s like a trick shot. Thought we were passing over there? Ha, nope!

Two: They dance when they score a goal. They dance well. Again, video. And it’s not arrogant or mean spirited it’s just like “yea, we dance when good things happen!”

Three: The team looks like Colombia. A crucible of African and European and Indigenous Americans. They might call each other ‘blackie’ or ‘fattie’ as terms of endearment because, actually, in Colombia, body type and ethnic origin isn’t actually that big a deal.

Four: Colombia’s recent history is so dark that they’ve celebrated every little thing they could get. They threw a public holiday when one of their riders won one stage of the Tour de France. Can you imagine what world cup wins do for this still recovering nation?

Five: Brasil, their next opponent (and probably main barrier to glory) has an absolutely despicable level of inequality. See it in a picture.

Six: The kids we taught at Mariposas took their football more seriously than anything else. They’d all concentrate and run swarming around the ball. One student liked to wear his Carnaval mask when he was goal keeping, and his hoodie.

Seven: Look at these guys…

They’re from our Colombian host family. How chuffed and adorable would they be if Colombia kept winning?

Eight: The kitten we left behind, Llama, would like it too. He’s been in training for months. Except when he’s tired.

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 11.34.00 AM
Colombians recently voted, albeit narrowly, to retain a President who favours the peace process with FARC rebels. How bout we get in behind a country pursuing peace?

Ten: There’s a whole soundtrack of Colombian pop you can grove to when you enjoy Colombia’s progress: see our friend Vanessa’s list.

¡Entonces, vamos Colombia!

13 thoughts on “Ten reasons you should now be supporting Colombia in the world cup

  1. Very convincing Joe, will support them, or anyone against Brazil at this point >shakes fist, weeps over Chile’s tragic loss<

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