The cats of La Recoleta

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We visited the famous cemetery at La Recoleta which contains the remains of many important Argentinians, including Eva Peron. The bodies are kept in large and well maintained family tombs. They’re not buried or embalmed.

But for us the reals stars of the show were the cats. There’s something like ninety cats living in the cemetery and hiding among the tombs. Their presence was unannounced by our guidebook, so they were a nice surprise.

They’re looked after by a group of local neighbourhood women who feed them twice a day, de-worm and flea them and take them to the vet as required. They’re famously reclusive except for around the times that they are normally fed – 10am and 4pm – and so luckily when we arrived in late afternoon they were out and about and up for a big smooch. Some of them were after a big smooch.

You can read more about the cats here.

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