Three things I wish we had at home

There’s three things in particular that I have enjoyed in Bolivia (and other parts of South America). They’re probably all facilitated by the low wage economy. That’s not one of the things I want to bring home. But anyway…


  1. Citrus juice (orange and crucially grapefruit) squeezed fresh while you wait at a roadside stall. Sold in small plastic cups for between 30-70c New Zealand. They actually fill your cup, wait for you to drink some, and then fill it up again. Not sure why, but they’ve determined the standard dose is that your cup runneth over.
  2. Shoe shine people. They’re everywhere in South America (and Pawnee) and shoes are all the shinier for it. Anyone who has worked with me and cares enough to look at my shoes would know I would find this economical service of great use.
  3. Barbers that will shave you for next to nothing. With a cut throat razor, or a machine, to your specifications, and for less than a dollar. It is widely agreed that shaving sucks, but this process rules.

4 thoughts on “Three things I wish we had at home

  1. So we need to create or convince a barber to offer a shoe shine while you get a trim and hot shave, and a takeaway large citrus juice. That will be $60 please. In and out in 20mins. Could work?

    1. Could work. Better to have them one at a time, though. I reckon shoe shining could be a goer by itself. Five bucks a pop.

      1. Spoken like a true man with time on his hands 😉 I’m loving this blog Joe and Fi, such an amazing record of your journey, and you really are opening our eyes to South America.

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