Went through the desert on a ute with no name

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We spent the weekend getting out of Dubai, roaming around the desert in a hulking ute owned by our friends who live here. We snorkeled in the Gulf of Oman, lumbered up dry riverbeds, took obligatory photos atop dunes, oggled date palms thick with fruit and used a combination of Western faces and confidence to finagle a bathroom break at a five star resort.

After all that we climbed to 1,500 metres in the hope of a cooling breeze and a flat camp site. We found one with an expansive view over the plains below with street lights from the big cities bouncing off the haze in the desert sky. A roaring fire thundered through the bone dry wood we’d collected and stoked a camp over which, miraculously, housed a full lamb roast

Yea, it was all pretty amazing. The towers and opulence of Dubai felt a million miles away though an air mattress on the back of the ute was still more comfortable than most of the places we slept in Pakistan.

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