Where the wild things are

Fiona has graduated from teaching preschoolers to teaching the second grade, the highest class the school offers. I am her willing assistant. The kids range in age from seven to twelve. Some of them are diligent. Some of them are wild things. Hopefully our reading of Donde Viven Los Monstrous (Where the Wild Things Are – or literally where the monsters live) today will not have inspired the latter.

20140128_110704The second graders bring new challenges.

First, the concepts that we teach are harder. Rather than identifying where a nose goes on a face today we learned about:

  • How three digit numbers are made up of hundreds, tens and ones
  • Syllables in words (esp important in Spanish because there are rules about emphasis)
  • Parts of the plant
  • Drawing maps from a birds eye view

Second, some of them feel the responsibility they have for younger siblings at home extends to school. This can be disruptive of their learning. For example today:

  • One of our students brought her two year old sister to school, because there was no one to leave her with at home (she spent some time with the preschoolers, but most on her sister’s lap)
  • Another is constantly wanting to check and see if her little brother is doing what he ought in Preschool (he almost certainly isn’t but that’s not her responsibility in school hours)

And finally the kids tend to be more independent. They did like being read to today, but also also capable of reading the books themselves, see below. Sometimes they read so slowly it’s hard to know whether they get the meaning as well as the sounds, but this seems to be the case.

20140128_111516Thankfully reading is one area where I can be of some assistance. The kids sound out the word and, because Spanish is spelt phonetically, even without know what the word is I can know whether they’re getting it right.

8 thoughts on “Where the wild things are

  1. Love that you guys are reading Where the Wild Things Are to the kids! :) So awesome. Keep the updates coming. Love hearing from you. :)

  2. deeply cool – i find myself grinning thinking of you guys doing your thing with those gorgeous kids – love your blog! you have a fabulous turn of phrase – i can almost literally hear you speak as i read it! more! more!

  3. I look forward to reading your blog every couple of days to see what is happening . You paint great pictures in the mind !

  4. Thanks Karen and Tricia :) We like writing the blog and thinking about what to put here. Makes us focus on the observations we would otherwise make casually. Glad you’re enjoying it.

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