You can OE anytime


My dad and his wife have joined us for a few weeks of travel in Turkey and Spain. They’ve not traveled much, and never to non-English speaking countries. You might even say this trip is their OE.

It’s great because:

  • It feels like organising their trip, and giving them some confidence on the ground, is a great gift that we can give them.
  • Their excitement has reinvigorated our interest in touristing, when we might otherwise have become increasingly consumed by our job hunt
  • We get to live vicariously through their thrills at all the novelties that you experience when you first travel, but take for granted later. Little things like: the pleasure of watching foreign landscapes pass outside your plane window, the charming discomfort of being packed in a metro for the first time, surprise that the trees, and the birds on their branches, look different, even the excitement when the food on a long haul flight announces the cuisine at your destination.
  • Four is the optimal number for taking taxis. And playing 500.

They’ll leave us from Madrid, heading home via Paris and Shanghai, hopefully emboldened by their time with us, and maybe even planning some more travels of their own.

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